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Steam Cleaning
- We use EPA certified and environmentally safe steam cleaning machines to efficiently clean almost any surface. Our steam cleaning machines operates at temperatures of over 200°F and provides 3000 PSI of pressure to quickly wash the surface clean. Steam Cleaning is ideal for a variety of different surfaces to remove dirt, gum, grease, bird droppings, moss, graffiti, etc.

Pressure Washing - We provide business pressure washing services to our customers as a fast and safe cleaning method. We also provide an option of chemical pressure washing or high-pressure non-chemical washing, depending upon what type surface is being cleaned.

Depending on your business needs, we will apply our professional knowledge to get the job done and have your property looking it's best!

We routinely Steam Clean or Pressure Wash:
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sidewalks/Stairwells
  • Parking Areas/Garages
  • Building Exteriors
  • Warehouses
  • Company Signs
  • Dumpsters and Enclosures
  • Exterior Common Areas
  • Graffiti
  • And much more!

We Steam Clean
Buck Stadium

If you would like more information about Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning, or additional services, please contact our maintenance specialist:

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Parking Lot Sweeping - Double D's Industrial Property Maintenance Service helping California Parking Lots stay Clean!

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