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Double D's Commercial Property Maintenance will work with you to create a custom tailored maintenance plan to meet the specific needs and requirements of your property.

It has been proven that businesses that provide clean, safe, and well lit environments, are businesses which have higher ongoing customer return rates. People simply prefer to spend time and money in a safe and appealing atmosphere.

It's also proven that proper repair and maintenance of properties not only preserves the property, but also reduces yearly repair costs. Preventive maintenance also greatly reduces or eliminates many of the hazards and accidents that commonly occur in today's commercial business environment.

Whether you own or manage a shopping center, apartment building, parking garage, industrial building, or a commercial building:

Let us help you increase your customer's satisfaction and preserve your investment by putting our property maintenance services and experience to work for you.

Double D's Property Maintenance services the San Francisco Bay Area and neighboring areas, offering external property maintenance services for commercial businesses.

If you would like more information about Parking Lot Sweeping services or other Industrial and Commercial Property Maintenance services we offer, please contact our maintenance specialist, who will provide you with more details of the maintenance services we offer:

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